Red Sail Sports

Dive Policy

Dive Policy

All certified divers are required to have a certification card. Tortuga Divers accepts the following certification cards among others: PADI, NAUI, SSI, SDI, TDI, YMCA, CMAS, BSAC, IDEA, PDIC, ANDI, ACUC, NASDS & HSA. *Divers with special needs should call the dive shop for further instructions.


All dive/hotel and dive only packages must be pre-booked and pre-paid prior to arriving on Grand Cayman.


Cancellation for all dive packages must be made 14 days in advance of arrival in order to receive a full refund. For less then 14 days' notice, a 1/3 penalty will be assessed.


Cancellation for a la carte bookings requires a 24-hour advance notice.


Dive packages are not available to Junior Divers (ages 10 & 11 years old) as they are limited to a depth of 40 feet. Therefore, they are only allowed to dive our 1-Tank Afternoon Dive, 1-Tank Stingray City Dive and 1-Tank Night Dive.


Dive Course Policy

Prior to enrollment in any of the courses listed below, a Confidential Medical Form must be filled out, and a physician's release may be required. Certain conditions may preclude you from diving, contact us for more information.


Refresher Course Policy


Last dive was over 1 year ago, Refresher Course recommended. Last dive was 2-6 years ago, a Tortuga Divers Refresher Course required. Last dive was 7-9 years ago, Full PADI Refresher Course required. Last dive was over 10 years ago, please contact dive shop for assessment prior to booking your dives. Tortuga Divers always recommend that guests start with a shallow dive, and for those who have completed a pool refresher a shallow first dive will be mandatory.


Junior Divers


Junior Divers (10-11 years old) are allowed to dive to a maximum depth of 40 feet and Junior Divers (12-14 years old) are allowed to dive to 60 feet (70' with Advanced Certification).   Junior Divers must have a parent or legal guardian accompany them at all times on courses and dive boats. Parents must provide a written statement authorizing a legal guardian.



Generally, wetsuits are not needed during the summer months when the water temperature is an average of 84 degrees. Guests may want to wear a light wetsuit or dive skin during the winter months when the water is a few degrees cooler.


Choosing a Dive Site


The dive boat captain will make every effort to reach requested dive sites. However, as there is a "first come, first served" policy for the moorings, sites cannot be pre-booked or guaranteed. Weather is also a factor in selecting the appropriate dive site for the group.


Safety & Conservation


Grand Cayman's recompression chamber is located in the George Town Hospital. Tortuga Divers with Red Sail Sports is a member of the Cayman Islands Tourism Alliance (CITA), an association that endorses safe diving practices and encourages environmental conservation among its members. Divers are encouraged to stay above 100 feet, and to avoid damaging the coral reef.


Marine Parks


The Cayman Islands Government, in association with the private sector, created a national marine parks system in 1986 to protect the coral reefs and marine life of these islands. This system has been used as a model for other island nations wishing to establish their own marine parks. Members of the CITA abide by a set of guidelines established by the CITA for safety and marine conservation.


Dive Ratios


Tortuga Divers' dive ratio is one dive master per 8 certified divers max. on each guided dive. We provide one instructor for every four Resort Course students. We do not allow divers to dive solo from our dive boats. A divemaster guides the deep wall dives (100ft) and shallow, 60ft dives are available either as guided or buddy-team dives.


Dive Computer Policy


Tortuga Divers welcomes dive computers aboard all of our dive boats. Computers will provide divers with more bottom time on their wall dives; however, we ask that you follow these rules if you plan to dive with a computer:


  • Each diver must have his, or her, own computer, fully operational BCD, regulator with octopus & console (depth & pressure) and timing device.
  • Divers must be back on the boat with no less than 500 psi in their tank and back at the time announced by divemasters before each dive.
  • Divers must stay within five minutes of the no-decompression limit.
  • We recommend a five-minute safety stop at 15 feet after each dive.
  • Profiles will be recorded after each dive.


Medical Clearance


Certified divers who have incurred medical conditions since they were certified that may affect their diving are advised to obtain a clearance from their physician stating they are cleared to scuba dive without restrictions. For all diving courses a confidential medical questionnaire must be filled out, and a physician's clearance may be required. Please note that Tortuga Divers is currently unable to offer diving activities to those with asthma, even with a medical clearance.